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focused on internet & social media law

focused on internet & social media lawfocused on internet & social media lawfocused on internet & social media law

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A Different Kind of Law Firm

We understand that asking for legal help can be confusing and intimidating. We take the time to listen to our clients and explain their legal options in plain English. We respond to most inquiries in less than 24 hours. If you need us on nights or weekends, we can be available. If you need us to come to you, we can do that too.


You Will Only Deal With a Lawyer

Kent Ninomiya is a lawyer, journalist, and Internet entrepreneur who founded Ninomiya Law, PLLC to defend rights on the Internet, and protect financial interests for consumers, businesses, and estates. When you contact us you will only deal with Kent or an associated attorney. We will not pass you off to a subordinate or unaffiliated entity.


On the Cutting Edge of Evolving Law

Few old-school lawyers understand the Internet much less know how to protect your rights on it. We focus on the latest developments in Internet and social media law. We also help business startups avoid future legal problems by setting up their entities and contracts with the future in mind. We also operate the website protecting Texans with estate planning services.

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